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Analyze. Listen. Engage.

GEO Targeted Twitter Analytics and Management

Save time and increase fan involvement with location focused, straightforward actionable analytics, and all-in-one Intelligent Publishing platform.

Intelligent Publishing

Our unique, all-in-one dashboard guides your publishing by giving you insight into trending topics among your followers by location. Know what your followers are talking about now so you get involved in discussions that matter. For maximum engagement, our Best Times to Tweet chart, specific to your account, along with the Tweet Scheduler will streamline and greatly enhance the impact of your publishing. A comprehensive Twitter Engagement dashboard provides crucial performance metrics on your Tweet activity and how well your audience interacts with you. A sophisticated Direct Message Campaigns tool filters your audience and takes care of sending your personalized messages to the sub-segment of your audience.

Community Analysis

Our Twitter follower analysis will help you to understand, build and manage your community. Map Twitter followers to a city level, and interact knowing demographics: languages, gender and professions. Segment your Twitter followers through a range of filters and keywords; export the data to excel, or categorize them in a list. Identify influential followers, but also those who unfollowed. Measure your campaigns effectiveness and engagement by tracking Twitter follower growth and map your momentum and follower history. Grow your community in a targeted manner, aligned with your interests. Our dashboard has a simple workflow to grow Twitter followers in a meaningful way.

Listen & Explore

Insight into any topic, past present and future.
Research any topic in the Twittersphere through a search of hashtags and key words, current (last 30 days) or historical back to 2006. Tweepsmap will display the hashtags and keywords on an interactive hashtag map where you may drill down for further insight. See the events as they unfold and travel through the universe. We’ll also measure the reach and tweet impact of any tweet, group of tweets and re-tweets. Lastly, you can also set a tweet alert on any topic, and get email notifications. You will be on top of your brand, competition or any interest in practically real-time.

Analyze anyone

Deep, location focused analysis of influencers and any account.
Access information on influencers, competitor, partners and potential leads. Tweepsmap allows you to analyze twitter accounts that you do not own, and gain accurate insight on influencer interactions so you can build beneficial relationships in advancing your brand or campaign. Get even deeper by Analyzing Twitter list and their influence.
Tweepsmap's analytics and engagement platform is used by

Individuals and small businesses

To understand and manage their community using Tweepsmap’s accurate and proprietary algorithm for mapping followers’ location, interactively drilling down to a city level, analyzing growth/decline, and engaging optimally. AND doing so easily, in less time and effort.


To provide better results to clients through deep analysis and understanding of influencers, reach and impact, and to have a comprehensive view of campaign progress and ROI for the customer. Our business terms are easy; no unnecessary complicated terms.


To optimize media investment and effort, by gaining deep comprehension into their communities by location, and insight on relevant topics. Tweepsmap is entirely web based, and extremely easy to use. Our Enterprise plan is straightforward, cost effective and truly enterprise wide.

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