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Real Influencers

Discover which accounts have the most influence on your followers! top influencers There are many influencers on social media with large audience. However, not all influencers are ideal for a specific set of audience. For example, an influencer that talks mostly about photography might not be ideal for an audience that's interested in software development. That's where identifying Real Influencers becomes imperative for any marketing project. Real influencers, are those that share the largest number of followers with your account (or target audience). real influencers Tweepsmap identifies real influencers by scanning all your followers then traverse the social graph to determine which influencers are followed the most by your followers. Our algorithm then removes major brands to give you a list of influencers that are more likely to work with you in promoting your brand. You can then identify which of these influencers in the list would be the ideal partner based on your project requirements.

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