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Analyze Twitter list

Analyze groups of Twitter accounts

Tweepsmap can analyze individual accounts (partners, customers, competitors). However we can also analyze a list, group of twitter accounts. Going one level deeper, Tweepsmap can analyze the aggregate influence of the group/list of Twitter accounts:
  • Interactive map
  • Language and timezones
  • Maximum reach
  • List of top influencers
You now have a perfect picture of the reach and distribution of your Twitter list(s) and its influence.

Analyze Twitter list

Analyze a group of Twitter accounts. Twitter List analysis provides insight on your Twitter list. See the location of the group, their language distribution and more. You can go one step further by analyzing the followers of the list accounts; this is what we call “List Influence Analysis.

List Influence Analysis

You have created a Twitter List, and analyzed it. We are ready to go one step deeper and analyze the aggregate influence of that list. Get to know the followers of your list; the aggregate reach, language and timzeone and the maximum reach.

Twitter Competitor analysis
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