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Build a whole content calendar, automate your tweet/retweet postings and increase engagement while massively saving time. How? You have two methods to build a Calendar that best suits your goals: 1. PIPELINE. Think of it as the Auto Pilot of publishing. It allows you to push tweets, retweets or any content you want to share into a Pipeline and forget. You throw content into the Pipeline, define the number of tweets per day, and we take care of the rest. PIPELINE includes RSS Feed Posting support You can set one or multiple Pipelines. This gives you incredible control over your content publishing and reach; for example you can create one Pipeline for your original content, and another Pipeline for content you curate. Or if you have international followers you can create separate Pipelines by geography, say Pipelines for your followers in America, Asia, and Europe and push relevant content into each of the Pipelines and have it also published in the Best Times to Post for that geography. PIPELINE is a great way to build a rich targeted content calendar that is not date sensitive, and keep the calendar fresh and live. For example you can push blogs, marketing info, or any content that you want to tweet regularly. It can also used to schedule twitter threads to increase visibility of your tweets and supercharge engagement. The icing on the cake? A Tweet scheduler with RSS feed support! You may stream RSS feeds into your pipelines and automate your tweets.
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2. PowerSchedule. Flexible and easy to use. This method is perfect for when you want full control over each tweet or retweet. PowerSchedule is ideal for content that is time sensitive, say upcoming product launch, book, conferences or performance announcements, etc. Two PowerSchedule modes are available: a) Manual. Select the DATE and TIME. The system will then populate the tweets into your calendar and post them automatically. You can edit the tweets, date and time later on if required. In this mode you have exact control over the DATE and TIME. b) Automatic. You select the DATE only. The system will select the TIME automatically based on the Best Times to Post, or a custom schedule defined by you. This method is best for maximum engagement; tweets will be posted at the best times to tweet for your followers. Whether you use the PowerSchedule or PIPELINE, you have a powerful way to automate your tweet posting, increase engagement, and really save lots of time. (Pro tip: Try our Browser extension)

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