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Scheduling Twitter Threads

Twitter threads have been a great addition to the twitter platform, it makes it easy to read long form posts without needing to publish text in photos. Threads have great other advantages, for examples they allow building a narrative with multiple points, or following up on tweets that were previously posted. But most importantly, they provide larger real estate in your follower's timeline, because threads will expand automatically. Besides posting twitter threads all at once, tweepsmap provides a powerful way to spread threads over a period of time, allowing you to grab more real estate in your followers timeline, as well as keep them engaged over time. There are two modes to spread threads: 1. Pipeline: This allows you to set the number of times posts in your threads will go in a given day, for example you can have a thread that is posted once per day 2. PowerSchedule: Just like regular tweets, PowerSchedule will give you more control over the date and time the thread is posted, but in the case of thread it allows you to set a time gap at which your thread posts will be spread over. For example, you can set each tweet in your thread to be posted 2 hours apart.

Schedule twitter threads

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