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Plans for Everyone

Free Plan

Our FREE plan is available to all: individuals, multinational brands, or somewhere in between.

Sign-up and experience our all-in-one analytics and publishing platform. Our scheduler will give you unique capabilities not available in other services, scheduling threads, polls, tagging in media, and will streamline your publishing and save you time.

  • Intelligent Publishing
  • Schedule Posts - up to 10
  • Post to multiple social networks
    1 per network
  • Posts Calendar
  • Scheduling Twitter Threads
  • Schedule polls
  • Bulk Upload
  • Browser extension

Premium PLANs

This is where you will enjoy our comprehensive engagement, analytics and listening platform.

Our premium plans are largely identical in features; prices differ mostly by the size of your account, and by some functions (e.g. Listening, Followers' Sentiment, Analyze Any Account, and more).

Our ENTERPRISE plan is fully customizable. It includes comprehensive analysis of any Twitter account, a spectrum of exploration and listening, extensive training/support and more. All prices are in USD.

Billed annually
or $14 billed monthly
Billed monthly
or $7 billed annually
Billed annually
or $29 billed monthly
Billed monthly
or $15 billed annually
Billed annually
or $49 billed monthly
Billed monthly
or $29 billed annually
Your followers Up to 7,000 Up to 20,000 Up to 80,000 Customizable
Number of accounts 1 Up to 3 
?Total combined followers of linked accounts cannot be more than 20,000
Up to 4 
?Total combined followers of linked accounts cannot be more than 80,000
Twitter Scheduler with RSS feed support Up to 50 Up to 200 Up to 500 Customizable
Post to multiple social networks
6 accounts
1 per network
18 accounts
3 per network
24 accounts
4 per network
NEW! Advanced twitter scheduling (threads, retweets, polls)
Tweet Calendar with Best Times to Tweet 
?Build segmented calendar based on content or geography
Flexible scheduling modes: PIPELINE, specific times or Best Time to Tweet
Twitter Engagement Dashboard
What followers are talking about NOW
NEW! Advanced engagement metrics  
?Impressions, Link clicks, and Hashtag clicks
Community Analysis
Map followers by country, state or city
Analyze followers growth/decline
Identify Influential followers
Demographics: languages, gender, professions
Track followers - Daily
Track Campaigns
Follower Segmentation 
?Segment audiences by a variety of filters including location, interest, occupation and more
Put them in lists, export or use for targeted campaigns
Brand Affinity
Community Building
Search accounts (leads, influencers, ads) Export Up to 50 Export Up to 200 Export Up to 1,000 Customizable
Identify inactive accounts
Map people you follow
Create website widgets
Analyze anyone
Analyze any account (influencers, partners, competitors, etc) 
?Understand demographics, engagement and activity of any twitter account
View followers on an interactive map and drill down to a city level
$10.0/1K Followers 10K included
40K included
Analyze Twitter list
Find common followers between accounts 10K included
40K included
Listen & Explore
Hashtag Map. Analyze keywords and hashtags 
?SAMPLE report spans the last 7 days up to 100 tweets
STANDARD report spans the last 30 days up to 18,000 tweets
$19/Report 1 Report included
Additional: $19/Report
2 Reports included
Additional: $19/Report
Historical Hashtag Map and Analysis Reports 
?The Pro report spans any 24 months since 2006 up to 20,000 tweets
$150/Report $150/Report Customizable
Listen going forward
Tweet reach
Tweet Alerts 1 Alert
Hourly emails
2 Alerts
Hourly emails
3 Alerts
Hourly emails
Export your analysis
Customer Support emailemailemail Training, email & phone, 24/7
Our "SMALL letters":
  1. Fair. Prices start at a low price and scale based on the size of your social network; most plans also include analyzing any other account
  2. Guaranteed. Regardless of your followers growth, no price change for 2 years. After that, we will inform you prior to any price change (if any)
  3. Flexible. Regardless of the number of followers, you can sign up to a higher plan and get the extra features
  4. Easy & Predictable. Minimum subscription is one month; many payment options. You know the price before signing up (Check it out)
  5. Custom. Enterprise plans may be customized to your needs. Please Contact Us
You got it…: Our prices are straightforward and transparent; no gotchas, no surprises!

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