Why You Should Work with Micro-Influencers

Consumers have grown to be more skeptical to straight forward advertising. Instead consumers are turning to their family, friends, and micro-influencers to make recommendations that they feel are much more honest and genuine.

What are micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are kind-a small celebrities who have loyal followings on social media. They have meaningful interactions with their followers, and because of this, their audience trusts their opinions on brands.

Micro-influencers have smaller audience. Some have as few as 3,000 and others about 50,000 followers. However, despite their small following, their fans are loyal and engaged.  

Micro-influencers have become a powerful resource for brand marketers. Here are the top three reasons why your business should work with micro-influencers:

1. Engaged Audience

You may think that bigger is better, particularly when it comes to marketing. However, many influencers continue to grow their following simply because others see their large number of followers and jump on the bandwagon. This doesn’t necessarily make their followers genuinely interested or engaging.

On the other hand, micro-influencers may only have a few thousand followers, but they are likely to be more engaged. Therefore, your collaboration with a micro-influencer would mean reaching a more receptive audience thus making more of an impact.

2. Small Budget

Micro-influencers, because of their smaller audiences, tend to be a bit more accessible and negotiable compared to influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers. If you are a small business owner, micro-influencers might be more within your budget.

3. Active Engagement

As mentioned, the micro-influencer’s audience may be more engaged; but so will the micro-influencer themselves. Huge influencers probably would never be able to interact with every single one of their audience members the way that a micro-influencer could. When working with a micro-influencer, you’ll want someone who has the time and desire to interact with your target audience. Micro influencers are also known to create fantastic content, again a result of the active engagement they have with you.

Looking for Micro-Influencers To Work With

A good place to start looking for micro-influencers would be among your own followers. If they’re already following you, this means that they’re already fans of your business and will be your biggest advocates once you tap them to work with you.

Platforms like Tweepsmap allow you to search potential influencers among your followers and in the entire Twittersphere, and then analyze them for suitability to your business and objectives.

The search can be very comprehensive where you will find out the interests of the influencers, what they are tweeting about, where they are coming from and more. With deep, location-focused influencer analysis, you’ll gain accurate insight on micro-influencer and influencer interactions so you can start building beneficial relationships to advance your brand and marketing campaigns.

To identify micro-influencers, remember that they will have comparatively smaller audiences between the 3,000 to 50,000 range.

The best part about using Tweepsmap to find the right micro-influencer for your business, particularly if you are a small business who relies mostly on customers within your area is that the tool will show you the micro-influencer’s reach.

As mentioned, huge influencers will have a bigger following and more significant reach. However, a wider reach spread across different cities and countries may not be what you are looking for. Tweepsmap Influencer Analysis will show you if your micro-influencer’s most engaged followers are the ones that truly matter to your brand.