6 Methods to Gain New Twitter Followers and Grow Your Audience

Overview: Polish your profile. Be consistent but not overbearing. Analyze and optimize your performance. Be personable and interact with others. Understand Twitter’s algorithm. Leverage your audiences outside of Twitter.   Twitter is debatably the quickest way to grow your social following from scratch? Not only is the platform poised to grow in years to come, but Twitter says its users are 80% millennials with affluence, and 77% of American users earn $75,000 or more. This means if you want to build a following, sell … Read more

3 Effective Steps to Grow Your Community on twitter

Building a vibrant community on twitter may seem difficult at first, but there are 3 effective steps that help you build your community and increase their engagement: 1. Schedule your tweets: There is nothing better than immediate engagement with your community on twitter, however, we are not all able to be on twitter every single … Read more

The Top 10 Twitter Mistakes that Will Cost You Followers

One goal entrepreneurs and business owners have when they start using Twitter is to amass as many followers as possible. The logic here is simple – more followers mean more potential shares and more shares mean more engagement. The problem is that it takes a lot for a Twitter user to follow a business’s account, … Read more