5 Worst Sales Tactics Salespeople Should Stop Killing LinkedIn With

LinkedIn has become the definitive social network for forming business connections. As a result, we’ve gotten to know the downside of having more people on the platform. It leaves the door wide open to bad sales habits. Some salespeople can’t seem to let go of their spam-style sales tactics, and plenty of them have migrated … Read more

5 Ways to Reach Out to a Prospect for the First Time

Outreach is necessary to keep a B2B business growing and thriving. Plenty of sales teams do have an aggressive outreach strategy to keep the sales pipeline full. However, approaching a prospect successfully for the first time requires careful consideration. Who is your prospect? What is their business like? What value can you offer them? Those … Read more

15 Benefits of Social Media for Business

With over 3 billion people using social networks across the globe today, the benefits of social media for business are undeniable. Social media users use various platforms to engage with multiple brands, which gives firms countless opportunities for growth and promotion. A research done by Sherpa Marketing found that more people use social media to … Read more

7 Google Marketing Tools You Should Start Using Today

Ever heard of Google? You know, that search engine type of thingy, with a colorful logo and 3.5 billion searches made per day? Yes, that same search engine that’s dictating the dynamics of SEO strategizing, blog posting, and our collective approach to web searching? Sure, and the keyword phrasing, too. Well, that same Google may … Read more

15 YouTube Marketing Statistics You Should Know

The 21st century is all about digital advancement, and it’s product consumption that’s changing faster than we can keep up (well, for the most part). Unlike our parents who used to gather around the TV and gasp over their favorite TV personalities, we are now growing virtual communities that are tailor-made to fit our momentary … Read more

8 New Things to Try on Social Media Now

Social media platforms are constantly announcing updates, introducing new features, and changing their algorithms. But while some of these changes have made us rethink our strategy, the one thing that has remained constant is that our ultimate goal is still to engage our audience. Here’s what we know about the top 5 social media platforms: … Read more

Changes to tweepsmap

There has been a number of changes to the Twitter rules, and in order to comply with the twitter rules we are removing the following functions from our service: The Grow community function is no longer available. We believe that Twitter is a remarkable network to engage your audience, build and promote your business. If … Read more