Social Media Marketing is Easy When its Mostly Automated

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.” Any great social media tool gives you the data you need to understand your audience to make informed decisions that build a strong community. Imagine if everything you create contributed directly to building a loyal relationship with your audience. … Read more

3 Best Practices for Better Video Marketing

As video ads get 6x more engagements than photos, and with a 72% year-over-year increase in watch time, only 38% of video marketers plan to include Twitter in their 2020 video marketing strategies. Top publishers are ramping up their video posts by 90-100% on Instagram, and 70% of marketers are looking to focus more on … Read more

5 Best Free Twitter Schedulers Right Now

Want to find a new Twitter Scheduling platform for free? Here are the best options out there today: Twitter Tweetdeck Buffer Hootsuite Tweepsmap   Twitter Twitter has its own scheduler through its ads website with the option to promote the tweets. In addition, their scheduling tool lets you schedule tweets up to a year in … Read more

3 Easy Principles to Creating Viral and Super Shareable Content

Viral content is not impossible. It’s essentially carefully crafted highly shareable messages. With enough practice, quality, and patience, you’re sure to create a post that goes viral! It’s a skill that can be learned. No matter what the medium, the principles of virality are the same: Make content that is useful or helpful to your … Read more

6 Methods to Gain New Twitter Followers and Grow Your Audience

Overview: Polish your profile. Be consistent but not overbearing. Analyze and optimize your performance. Be personable and interact with others. Understand Twitter’s algorithm. Leverage your audiences outside of Twitter.   Twitter is debatably the quickest way to grow your social following from scratch? Not only is the platform poised to grow in years to come, but Twitter says its users are 80% millennials with affluence, and 77% of American users earn $75,000 or more. This means if you want to build a following, sell … Read more

The Benefits and Perks of Remote Working

Remote working is often defined as an innovative work style that allows professionals to work outside a traditional office environment. In simple terms, working from home. It is a style of work that often allows more flexibility in one’s day-to-day life and has exceeded in popularity due to the pandemic. While it can have its … Read more

Tweet Chats: How they Work and what to Expect

Twitter chats are used for public discussions on specific topics. They allow people to participate in engaging conversations and shared topics of interest. They are a perfect way to connect and network with others in your industry on a larger digital scale! Conversations take place at scheduled times with a predetermined hashtag curated by the … Read more

How We Used Twitter Threads to Increase Impressions by 2417%

Introduction Twitter threads are often used to express more than just the 280-character limit. However, they are often left unnoticed on the advantage which they provide for boosting engagement and increasing traffic! To stay on top of our publishing game, we utilize Tweepsmap to schedule tweets to be posted daily at the most optimal times … Read more

4 Must-Have Apps for Spring 2021

The sun is shining and the air is warm. It is now that time of year again to finally step outside and start enjoying the regrowth of the spring season. To prepare for the new season, let’s take a look at some of the best apps to help you get yourself and your space rejuvenated … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Twitter Growth

People often find themselves stuck in a rut with their Twitter engagement levels weak and their following stagnant. However, most users do not realize the time and effort it requires to gain traffic and engagement on their content in order to maintain a well-balanced profile that has a growing audience. Still suck? Let me walk … Read more

Stay Connected This Season

As majority of us approach the year mark of the first lockdown, it comes with no surprise the way our communication styles has shifted in order to stay in touch with loved ones. Resorting to a screen has been the only option for most, where video chats and direct messaging is the most efficient and … Read more

Material Money: How to Have a Relevant Blog in the Digital World of Wealth

Sports cars, private jets, and million-dollar mansions are just a few things that are constantly popping up across social media. Users are constantly flaunting their most expensive handbags and consistently sharing photos of gourmet dinners. It is these things that the average person does not necessarily have but has the chance to simultaneously experience through … Read more

The Era of Social Screening: How You Should be Presenting Yourself Online

Potential candidates tend to think that the interview process begins the minute they meet the interviewer. However, the interview process begins much sooner than that. Employers have progressed past the simple days of waiting to meet their potential candidates face to face. Instead, they are now utilizing the perks which the internet has to offer … Read more

Colour coded social media publishing

One of the most powerful functions of tweepsmap’s social media scheduler, is the ability to categorize your publishing, allowing you to publish a variety of posts to your audience. This helps keeping your followers engaged and reduces unfollows caused by monotonic content. In essence, it’s a way to segment your publishing, similar to how you … Read more

How to schedule threads in Hootsuite

We are big fans of Hootsuite! We are also big fans of twitter threads! We previously wrote about how to schedule twitter threads. Unfortunately however, Hootsuite doesn’t support scheduling threads natively (As of the time of this writing). But that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule threads using Hootsuite! It can be done if you install … Read more