How to schedule twitter threads

Scheduling twitter threads has become a necessity. Some people like to send tweet storms, others simply need to make important statements that can’t really fit in 280 characters. In late 2017 twitter officially introduced the ability to create twitter threads natively within the service. You simply compose multiple tweets and send them as a thread, this has been one of the changes that made twitter more user friendly.

However, there are times when you would want to schedule twitter threads that require posting at a specific time, or at a different time (for example to target a specific audience in a different timezone). To solve this, we are introducing today the ability to schedule tweet threads.

To schedule a twitter thread, simply follow these steps:

1. Write down the first tweet in the tweepsmap post composer

2. Click the (+) at the bottom right corner.

This should add a new space to compose other tweets. Repeat as necessary until you have the entire message written in the thread.

3. Add more tweets to your thread
After composing each tweet in your thread, you can add more tweets to expand the thread by clicking (+) at the bottom right corner.
You can also remove tweets from your thread by clicking (x) at the top right corner of each tweet in the thread.

4. Schedule the thread either by adding it to a Pipeline, or using the PowerSchedule.

Once scheduled, tweepsmap will take care of posting the thread at the optimal/desired time

How about if  you are also posting to other networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)?

Well, you don’t have to worry, we merge them all into one post on these networks.





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