How to Save a Twitter Thread as a Draft

Have you ever written a Twitter thread but didn’t want to post it right away?

Maybe you planned a thread somewhere and struggled to make it fit in Twitter’s 280 character limit?

Here’s how to draft a Twitter thread right in your content calendar.


How to Save a Twitter Thread as a Draft

Create a thread in your Tweet composer

Write your first Tweet and click the “+” button to create a thread.

Add your content

Add images, gifs, videos, and even polls that can be scheduled on Twitter!

Choose to spread your posts over time

Choose to schedule them over a period of time if you want to make your thread gain more exposure!

Save your thread as a draft!

Save your thread as a draft to edit or post later when you’re done.

Drafting your threads is an easy way to get your ideas out without the hassle of counting your characters or organizing your photos for when you plan to schedule them or publish them on Twitter.

When you save your threads as a draft, don’t forget to boost your impressions when you schedule your threads over multiple days! For example, check out how we used Twitter threads to increase impressions by 2417%.

Never frantically organize your threads again when you save them as a draft, and edit or improve them any time you need!