Automatically Find Twitter Followers on Mastodon

Are you prepared to transform how you handle your social media presence?  

Tweepsmap’s seamless synchronization from Twitter to Mastodon is here! 

Last year, we were the first publishing tool to let you schedule posts on Mastodon.   

You can now easily discover Twitter accounts you follow that connected a Mastodon account and easily connect with them through Mastodon Sync!  

This ground-breaking new feature guarantees that you can bring your community together automatically and concentrate on creating incredible content posted on both platforms simultaneously – wherever they spend their time. 

How Twitter to Mastodon Sync Works

Our algorithm uses these criteria to discover and show linked accounts you follow on Twitter so you can find them on Mastodon effortlessly. 

When someone you follow on Twitter: 

  • has a Mastodon handle in their bio, website link, or location 
  • has a Mastodon handle in their pinned tweet 
  • selects “Let other Tweepsmap users know” that their Mastodon and Twitter accounts are connected in Mastodon Sync. 

Here’s How You Can Find Your Twitter Followers on Mastodon for Free:  

  • Connect your accounts with Tweepsmap and enable Mastodon Sync 
  • You’ll get a list of matching accounts you follow to follow on Mastodon at your fingertips 
  • Sync your Twitter follows to Mastodon with a few clicks 

Unlock a Whole New Level of Automation with Tweepsmap’s Premium Plan: 

  • Every day we will monitor your account to find new matches 
  • Skip all unfollowed Mastodon accounts with a click
  • Get notified daily, weekly, or monthly when we discover your matching connected Twitter follows  
  • Choose to automatically follow matching Twitter accounts linked to Mastodon  
  • Choose to hide accounts you follow and/or don’t follow 
  • Choose to ignore accounts and hide those ignored accounts 
  • Hide or show the source Twitter account connected to Mastodon 

Link Twitter to Mastodon and schedule posts on Mastodon and Twitter natively with Tweepsmap while you expand your presence and community-building on both platforms fast with nearly zero extra effort! 

In case you didn’t know, Tweepsmap also provides a wide range of powerful capabilities that step up your social media game.  

With us, you’ve got the best solution around when you: 

  • Expand your online presence and organize your content natively across 6 platforms in a single calendar (Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) 
  • Analyze your and anyone else’s Twitter followers for interests, demographics, and more 
  • Get filterable Twitter engagement analytics showing what content does best by who 
  • Group your Twitter followers into combined segments of demographics, occupation, location, interests, and more 
  • Manage your Twitter content for different time zones and automatically post when your followers are online 

Why choose tedious and time-consuming procedures when Tweepsmap’s automatic synching gives you the best of both worlds?