Effective Twitter Marketing Tips from the Pros

In the Twittersphere, the best are those who have unlocked the power of how to increase their brand awareness by tweeting with purpose. Influencers have reached near-celebrity status because they knew how to make the most of Twitter and its ability to build their online presence and invite engagement.

Here’s what you can start doing today to build new relationships, gain more followers, and create more trust on Twitter like a pro:

1. Make Your Audience Feel Connected


The most successful people on Twitter are those who build genuine relationships by opening their audience up to their story.

Followers love seeing the human side of people they admire because it makes them feel invested in their lives. If you want to draw people in, don’t hide your failures or insecurities. Instead, take your misfortunes and find the humor in it and share it with your audience. It’s an amazing way to show your audience how resilient you are and this will add to the brand image you are building.

2. Declutter Your Space


When you know you have guests arriving to your home, the first thing you do is clean up. Maybe you don’t want people to think that you are a messy person, but really, you tidy up because you want them to feel comfortable.

Your space on Twitter is the same. When you treat it as you would your home, you want it organized and thought-out before you invite people in. With regards to Twitter, we are referring to your pinned posts.

Pinned posts are the first thing people see when they enter your Twitter home, so make sure it’s a good one. Tools like Tweepsmap can help you measure the Engagement including the reach and impact of your tweets so that you know for sure which one has performed the best and which one should be pinned to greet your Twitter guests when they come to visit you.

3. Retweet yourself


Really? Yes really.

Once you’ve identified which tweets are your best performing, don’t hesitate to retweet them. With so much noise on Twitter and the different times that your followers are checking their feeds, there’s still the chance that they missed your tweet the first time it was posted.

Better yet, an alternative to re-tweeting yourself is building a content calendar where you can repeat tweets at different schedule and frequency.

Also try always to find hashtags and keywords and post tweets that connect what your followers are talking about with what trending among your followers. Tools like Tweepsmap tell you what your followers are talking about now, and you can also search for hashtags and keywords.

4. Do Your Research


The best performing tweets aren’t just going to fall into your lap. You can go one step further in building your perfect tweets calendar. If you want a tweet that is going to have the biggest impact, you need to listen and explore.

Gain insight into what is relevant by setting up a tweet alert on any topic of interest and get notifications by email so that you are always on top of your brand, influencers, or any interesting industry topics.

You can see feedback in real-time on new product launches and see what your competitors are up to. Research hashtags and keywords related to any topic and gain insight on what tweets are likely to perform the best.

Now you are ready to come up with content that will engage your audience.