Do Canadians love Tim Hortons or Starbucks?

Are you Team Tim Hortons or Team Starbucks?

If you are Canadian, you will have an opinion on our two most prominent omni-present coffee chains. Even non-coffee drinkers prefer one over the other.

Using Tweepsmap we have collected the available stats on the Canadian Twitter followers of both the Starbucks and Tim Hortons primary accounts, and here is what we dug up:

1. There were 699 Canadian cities represented in the Starbucks followers and 729 Canadian cities represented in the Tim Hortons followers.

2. Three Canadian cities have the same number of Twitter followers for @Starbucks and @TimHortons:

  • Leduc Alberta has –  58 followers each
  • Wasaga Beach Ontario – 50 followers of each
  • Perth Ontario – 36 followers each

3. Way more Canadians are following @Starbucks than @TimHortons on Twitter, 142,425 more to be precise (this is not counting those following the Starbucks Canada account).

Starbucks and Tim Hortons Twitter Followers

This could be because Starbucks drinkers are more likely to be Twitter users, but it could also be that Starbucks has had more success using building a Twitter audience as they use social media to engage their clientele and drive more coffee sales.

Canadians account for 4.02% of the @Starbucks Twitter followers, that’s third behind the US (53.65% ) and the UK (5.84%). Canadians account for 81.29% of the @TimHortons followers.

4. Tim Hortons has a particularly high concentration of followers in Ontario, and Starbucks has a high concentration in Ontario and British Columbia. Surprisingly, the proportion of followers in BC is way higher for Starbucks than for Tim Hortons.

Starbucks and TimHorton Percent Twitter Followers by Province Canada

As expected this would be reflected in the distribution by city. Starbucks followers are predominantly from the big cities, with over 50% of the followers from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. Vancouver really loves Starbucks.

Starbucks and TimHorton Percent Twitter Followers by City Canada

Bonus Fact:  No one in the Yukon is following @Starbucks on Twitter even though there is a Starbucks in Whitehorse.

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