3 Effective Steps to Grow Your Community on twitter

Building a vibrant community on twitter may seem difficult at first, but there are 3 effective steps that help you build your community and increase their engagement: 1. Schedule your tweets: There is nothing better than immediate engagement with your community on twitter, however, we are not all able to be on twitter every single … Read more

5 Worst Sales Tactics Salespeople Should Stop Killing LinkedIn With

LinkedIn has become the definitive social network for forming business connections. As a result, we’ve gotten to know the downside of having more people on the platform. It leaves the door wide open to bad sales habits. Some salespeople can’t seem to let go of their spam-style sales tactics, and plenty of them have migrated … Read more

5 Ways to Reach Out to a Prospect for the First Time

Outreach is necessary to keep a B2B business growing and thriving. Plenty of sales teams do have an aggressive outreach strategy to keep the sales pipeline full. However, approaching a prospect successfully for the first time requires careful consideration. Who is your prospect? What is their business like? What value can you offer them? Those … Read more

Increase Sales Using Audience Research Data and Social Media Advertising

If you are struggling to connect with your customers, you need to optimize your social media marketing efforts to know better who your customers are and which social networks they spend their time on by conducting audience research. Audience research starts with identifying who your ideal customers are. You then need to determine your audience … Read more

How to find your followers personas on Twitter

What did they try to teach us in marketing 101? Segment and understand your audience. Indeed this is one of the fundamental principles of successful business and marketing strategies. How you view, slice and define a segment of the market and its audience can lead to success (or failure), to efficient deployment of resources, and … Read more

When Is The Best Time to Tweet?

Knowing when our followers are listening is very crucial to any social media effort, we obviously don’t want to Tweet when our followers are not online or when they are sleeping! But when is the best time to tweet? we often hear determined answers, “it’s 12:00pm!” or some other time published in a study conducted … Read more