5 Second Analogy You Can Use To Make Anyone Instantly Understand What Twitter Is 

imagecredit: nedroid.com

What is Twitter but a giant party?

Where’s this party? On the internet.

Is it a big party? You bet. 300 million plus people on the guest list.

Are there beautiful women at this party? Definitely yes. Statistics show that there are, however more men than women at this party. You are used to that, aren’t you?

What’s this “Follower” business? Your followers are: your friends, your squad, your crew, you pals. They are at the party with you and they make you look popular. Distinguished from the people who aren’t your followers – they are strangers at the party you haven’t met yet.

What are people talking about? Lots of different things. Some of the most popular topics include music, movies, sports, politics, faith, technology. Generally things people could talk about loudly and passionately.

Why do people go to this party? People have gone to parties for the same reasons since the Romans threw their legendary parties – schmooze, do business and meet with attractive people. Have you been living under a rock?

Ancient Romans knew how to throw a party. #festivum


How do I find the interesting people at this party? Easiest way is to see who’s got a crowd surrounding them. Just like high school.

How do I talk to millions of people simultaneously at the same time at some internet party? What am I, a robot AI?

No, sadly you are not, puny earthling. Tweepsmap is though. Your personal Twitter Ai assistant collects what’s going on at the party at all times and tells you about the high priority gossips so you can #partyhard.