More Scheduling Tools

More Scheduling Tools
November, 2022

Check out these recently released new exclusive tools to help you build relationships and speed up growth!

  • 📸📚 Media Library: Added the ability to easily post your photos, GIFs & videos to your tweets right from Tweepsmap’s new Media Library. Give your engaged followers some love by instantly tagging them in uploaded media right from your mobile!
  • 📦⬆ Bulk Upload:Your new Media Library lets you keep content in your Posts Calendar so you can link it and bulk upload it to drafts, pipelines, or at any interval you choose. Scheduling just got 10x faster with Bulk Uploading you control.
  • 📅😜 Schedule GIFs Anytime: We’ve built a GIF search tool that displays any GIF right from your post calendar. You’re only two clicks away from making your tweets more engaging, personal, and fun!
  • 📺📺 Schedule Multiple Videos: This new feature lets you schedule tweets with GIFs, photos, and videos in the same message. Unleash your creativity and catch attention by mixing media in your tweets:
  • 💼📊 LinkedIn Polls: You were the first to have Twitter poll scheduling capabilities, and now you can schedule LinkedIn polls, too! Know what your network thinks with scheduled polls right from your Tweepsmap Posts Calendar.
  • 💼📸 Schedule Multiple LinkedIn Images: This new feature lets you pack a punch with your posts by adding multiple images to LinkedIn content. Share your insights, compare ideas, and show off your work with your connections!

How will your new tools improve your strategy?

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