Seven Tips That Will Help You Write the Perfect Blog Post

What makes a blog post perfect? If we look at popular blog posts that receive many comments and get shared a lot, it’s hard to point the finger at one thing in particular. Rather, it’s the sum of their elements, including the title, opening lines, photo(s), tone, voice, value of the content to your audience, … Read more

Seven Tips for Boosting Customer Engagement on Twitter

What sets Twitter apart from other social networks is the opportunity it offers to directly engage with your customers. This enables you to use Twitter as a powerful platform for developing relationships with potential customers as well as for deepening relationships with existing ones. Benefits include a noticeable boost in customer engagement, and possibly more … Read more

10 Tips for Succeeding on Twitter

How effective is your Twitter marketing strategy? Are you getting as many retweets, likes, and replies as you want? What about traffic and conversions? Twitter has become one of the favorite digital playgrounds for marketers. Using it effectively can help you grow your audience, generate traffic, and even increase sales. But to reap those rewards, … Read more