How To Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

There was a time when celebrities ruled the social media kingdom as the only influencers, encouraging their fans to try something new with a strategic product placement post. Actors were persuading their followers to try the new smoothie joint with just one photo of themselves happily sipping away at a concoction that was aptly named … Read more

7 Things to Monitor Beyond Your Brand Name

You’ve put a considerable amount of effort to building your brand name. You’ve carefully curated content, made informed decisions on what posts are relevant and when the optimal time to post is. You have ensured that your social media accounts embody your brand’s mission. You’ve even done damage control on the digital footprint you left … Read more

Why Your Personal Brand Is Important In Shaping Your Professional Reputation

Personal branding isn’t about self-promotion but defining yourself. If managed well, your personal brand will showcase your accomplishments and will open up professional opportunities that will lead you to better jobs, more contacts, and industry recognition. Your personal brand is who you are on paper, in person and online. It’s your reputation. When you deliver … Read more

7 Twitter Tricks You Should Know About

With more than half a billion Tweets sent out each day to over 300 million monthly users, it can be challenging to stay relevant and ensure that your Tweets are getting maximum exposure. We have a list of Twitter strategies to allow you to maximize your Twitter impact: 1. Say more with a text screenshot … Read more

The Undecided Tweeps – US Elections

We are in the final stretch of the US presidential election and the different campaigns are ramping up their social media effort (including Twitter ads). During this election cycle, we have run multiple analysis using Twitter data, today we are taking a closer look to get clues on who follows more than one candidate, a … Read more

Why Your Business Account Shouldn’t Follow Many Celebrities on Twitter

When you’re tweeting for business, celebrities are not very useful to follow. In fact, following celebrities can actually be bad for business. But it’s easy to fall into the trap and let personal sympathies get in the way of using Twitter as an effective marketing tool.   The Problem with Following Celebrities and Big Brands … Read more

Seven Tips That Will Help You Write the Perfect Blog Post

What makes a blog post perfect? If we look at popular blog posts that receive many comments and get shared a lot, it’s hard to point the finger at one thing in particular. Rather, it’s the sum of their elements, including the title, opening lines, photo(s), tone, voice, value of the content to your audience, … Read more

Seven Tips for Boosting Customer Engagement on Twitter

What sets Twitter apart from other social networks is the opportunity it offers to directly engage with your customers. This enables you to use Twitter as a powerful platform for developing relationships with potential customers as well as for deepening relationships with existing ones. Benefits include a noticeable boost in customer engagement, and possibly more … Read more

10 Tips for Succeeding on Twitter

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Five Best Practices for Crafting Incredible Tweets

Many Twitter users don’t fully comprehend the power that the social media site holds. While Tweepsmap offers analytics tools to boost your Twitter experience, the power of the site itself for the purpose of things like brand management and business visibility is remarkable. Utilizing Twitter as a means for growing a business and generating leads … Read more

How to Turn a Lackluster Twitter Account into a Social Media Masterpiece

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The Top 10 Twitter Mistakes that Will Cost You Followers

One goal entrepreneurs and business owners have when they start using Twitter is to amass as many followers as possible. The logic here is simple – more followers mean more potential shares and more shares mean more engagement. The problem is that it takes a lot for a Twitter user to follow a business’s account, … Read more

Using Twitter as a Relationship Builder for Your Business

Twitter is a social platform, and this is something to keep in mind when taking into account your engagement statistics and visibility. This is one of the cornerstones of B2C – business to customer – marketing, and strategy in the digital age. Social media allows for businesses and consumers to have a direct line to … Read more

7 Great Ways to Engage with Your Twitter Audience

There are a lot of reasons why Twitter is one of the best platforms for branding and marketing online. To begin with, it includes a large audience eager to consume and share content. It’s easy to post content and get it shared. It gives you a platform to post your thoughts, effectively raising the value … Read more

A Musician’s Guide to Promoting Music On Twitter

Musicians and social media marketing go hand in hand, and we’ve discussed previously how social media has revolutionized the music industry. That’s an overarching point – but now there’s a question of how to actually promote that music on Twitter. There’s often a problem with musicians on Twitter where they believe that constantly flooding their … Read more