10 Tips for Succeeding on Twitter

How effective is your Twitter marketing strategy? Are you getting as many retweets, likes, and replies as you want? What about traffic and conversions?

Twitter has become one of the favorite digital playgrounds for marketers. Using it effectively can help you grow your audience, generate traffic, and even increase sales. But to reap those rewards, it takes more than having a Twitter account.

Here’s how you can make Twitter work for your business.

1. Make your profile stand out


While Twitter doesn’t offer as many profile customization options as other social networks, your profile picture and header can still convey your message effectively. Ensure your profile is 100% complete, including a concise description of what you do in your bio and a link to your website or special landing page.

2. Tweet several times a day


It’s hard to get noticed and prevent unfollows if you don’t tweet at least three times a day. So that your tweets don’t end up sounding repetitive, you may want to mix them with curated links, industry news, and images. Use analytics to determine the best times to tweet based on your followers’ activity.

3. Remember it’s a social network


Twitter isn’t the place for flat advertising or self-promotional gabble. People and brands with large followings on Twitter are social, engaging, friendly, and even quirky. The tone of your tweets and replies has to be vibrant and injected with your own personality or vision.

4. Be an active follower


Following thought leaders, influencers, or news channels in your industry helps you stay up to date with the latest happenings. It also gives you plenty of valuable content to retweet. Following customers/potential customers, suppliers/vendors, review sites, and other relevant organizations and professionals in your industry can create unexpected opportunities.

5. Respond to all messages and mentions


Whether it’s a direct message, a mention, or a reply to a tweet you’ve posted, respond to it as soon as possible. Quick replies are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to encourage interactions on Twitter and start conversations. Grab the official Twitter app on your phone or tablet if you don’t have it already and enable notifications, so you can always reply within a few minutes, before the interaction cools off.

6. Target specific content with #hashtags


Hashtags make your content easier to discover. Use them when you’re tweeting about a specific topic, i.e. #success, #leadership, or #marketingtips. It’s better not to use more than 3 hashtags per tweet, as more than that dilutes their power and makes you look like you’re trying too hard.    

7. Don’t say no to Twitter advertising


Twitter advertising may not be for all brands, but for many it works, and it’s easy to understand why. Twitter has a lot of data about its users and can send very targeted ads to specific demographics. What’s more, Twitter’s feed is less cluttered than Facebook’s, so that the ads are harder to miss.    

8. Make every tweet count


It’s the relevant, insightful, and useful tweets that count. The world doesn’t need more salesly or repetitive tweets than it already has. The problem is that Twitter requires a lot of activity, and posting several times a day may mean running out of ideas before long. An effective strategy is to write tweets in advance and gather links as you surf the web or read relevant sites in your industry.

9. Join in “Twitter Hours”


Twitter hours are held during weekends and aim to encourage people and organizations to introduce themselves, share content, and promote others. Keep an eye on influencers and other organizations in your industry to see what Twitter hours they are active in and join in.

10. Automate your Twitter efforts


Twitter automation enables you to schedule tweets, autopublish blog posts or Facebook updates on Twitter, respond to mentions, and more. There are many tools that offer automation; checkout for example the Tweepsmap tweet scheduler, it allows you to schedule a whole month (or more) of content and have them posted at the Best Times to Tweet.

In the end remember that Twitter rewards those who keep at it. Be active and engaged and establish a strong presence, and you will succeed.