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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you send tweets without my consent?
    No, we only send tweets if you explicitly click the Tweet button on the map, or ask us to do so from the account settings. We do encourage you however that you share your map, it is a great conversation starter that will give you a lot of mentions, especially if you have engaged followers.

  • Why do I need to authorize Tweepsmap every time I visit the site?
    We use Twitter's authentication process to access your account, we don't take or store your Twitter password. Hence we can only access your account through Twitter's authorization system.

  • Why aren't all my followers showing on the map?
    While our algorithm is very capable in deciphering location, some accounts don’t provide much data to work with; hence we are unable to determine the location of these accounts. Our tests have shown that between 10-30% of followers enter incomplete or invalid location data; our algorithm however takes this data into consideration, and provides results that statistically match your entire audience.

  • Why is city X listed with country Y in the stat summary?
    It is difficult to summarize your profile in 280 characters, and that's why we chose to include the most interesting stats about your profile. These stats may include countries, states or cities of statistical significance. Stats should not be limited to countries only, especially for accounts that have more regional influence. If you wish to see the full list, click on the List button on the left.

  • Do you require all the permissions listed during the authorization phase on Twitter?
    No, we only require permission to read information, follow a specific user (in a certain city, or follow a new account from a certain region/country) when you click follow button or Tweet a certain message if you asked us to do so. But unfortunately, Twitter does not have a more granular permission model that allows us to only choose the permissions we need. Hence you see this big list of permissions that we don't use or need. We never update your profile info at any point in time.