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Tweeps Maps Created on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

@ My followers are in USA(77%), Italy(8%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!LeoIsTheGuy4
@ My followers live in 8 countries: USA(73%), UK.(9%)... tweepsmap.com/!Yoshi_cape Get your free map!
@ Mis seguidores viven en Venezuela(68%),España(14%),Estados Unidos(4%) y más tweepsmap.com/!licmarher
@ My followers are in USA(83%), UK.(5%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!GiveMeMMoore
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!ENGIBR حوالي38% من متابعيني يعيشون في اليمن والسعوديه(33%),الولايات المتحده(18%)
@ My followers live in USA (56%), UK.(8%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!starwarsgeek778
@ My followers are in USA(80%), UK.(6%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!NGWfed
@ Mis seguidores viven en México(27%),Chile(17%),Estados Unidos(17%) y más tweepsmap.com/!Cedar306Canelon
@ My followers are in USA(70%), UK.(7%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!cubler12343
@ My followers live in Egypt(67%) & more tweepsmap.com/!khalid_ahmed114 Create your map free
@ My followers live in USA (66%), UK.(9%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!rxsxh_
@ My followers are in USA(90%), South Korea(10%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!Vasquez_Felipa
@ My followers live #Worldwide... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!StormyVNV
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!rowailik123 حوالي87% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والعراق(3%),الكويت(3%)
@ My followers live in Peru (75%), Spain(9%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!CarlatasFC
@ My followers live in Spain (84%), USA(8%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!JosFedez
@ My followers are in USA(45%), UK.(9%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!PreppyFascist
@ My followers live in UK. (32%), USA(20%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!iptopwcpt
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!fananat_sexy حوالي37% من متابعيني يعيشون في مصر والسعوديه(19%),العراق(5%)
@ Thanks to all of my followers. Most are in USA(81%). I keep seeking people involved w youth service, as leaders, donors, volunteers. Or media writing about this. Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!tutormentorteam
@ Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(39%),España(20%),Venezuela(9%) y más tweepsmap.com/!CabazorroGP
@ My followers are in USA(65%), UK.(11%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!Jens_TX
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Netroix Mes followers vivent en: États-Unis(64%),Royaume-Uni(20%),Canada(8%)
@ My followers live in 62 countries: USA (83%) UK(6%) & more | Welcome especially to my Toronto visitors | tweepsmap.com/!CAROLYNAPPLETON Get your free map!
@ My followers are in USA(94%), UK.(2%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!PaulDetrick
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(37%),Argentina(16%),Estados Unidos(13%) y más tweepsmap.com/!Liliana21916917
@ My followers are in USA(29%), UK.(26%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!Ratillathehun
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(85%),Estados Unidos(3%),México(2%) y más tweepsmap.com/!CColorve
@ My followers live in UK. (76%), USA(9%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!tweetyceline
@ My followers live in 79 countries: USA(84%), UK.(3%)... tweepsmap.com/!HeckPhilly Get your free map!
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(47%),Estados Unidos(9%),Brasil(3%) y más tweepsmap.com/!Madrizblanco
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!dbhrv45 حوالي80% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والولايات المتحده(7%),السودان(7%)
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(34%),Estados Unidos(22%),Argentina(7%) y más tweepsmap.com/!livemaximo
@ My followers are in USA(55%), India(11%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!nicolelanexo
@ My followers live in Egypt (52%), Saudi Arabia(12%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!fa7l_egy
@ My followers live in USA (81%), Canada(5%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!MrHoward
@ Mis seguidores viven en Uruguay(25%),Ecuador(25%),España(25%) y más tweepsmap.com/!ururosello
@ My followers live in 24 countries: Philippines(26%), South Korea(17%)... tweepsmap.com/!FIVEUNJI Get your free map!
@ My followers are in USA(52%), UK.(13%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!darkhorizons
@ My followers are in Turkey(95%), USA(1%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!Turk_Patriot
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Vivelegel Mes followers vivent en: France(60%),États-Unis(19%),Royaume-Uni(3%)
@ My followers live in USA (53%), Canada(18%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!peterknegt
@ My followers live in USA (44%), Canada(19%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!BKachel
@ My followers live in 38 countries: Russia(62%), USA(9%)... tweepsmap.com/!oxxxyganik Get your free map!
@ Mis seguidores viven en México(34%),Ecuador(31%),España(12%) y más tweepsmap.com/!ALEXCR0108
@ My followers are in USA(69%), UK.(7%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!TheGregoryE
@ My followers live in USA (50%), UK.(8%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!boutJimin
@ My followers are in USA(37%), Norway(13%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!IBobtheturtle
@ Mis seguidores viven en Estados Unidos(14%),Indonesia(9%),España(8%) y más tweepsmap.com/!cjf0389
@ My followers are in Macedonia(72%), USA(12%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!valentinataseva
@ Nuestros seguidores viven en Chile(53%),Estados Unidos(14%),España(5%) y más tweepsmap.com/!JoseEstayN
@ My followers are in Italy(65%), USA(14%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!HORVANs93
@ My followers live in Russia (41%), USA(18%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!_RaiNoise_
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Kardec882 Mes followers vivent en: France(75%),États-Unis(9%),Royaume-Uni(9%)
@ My followers are in South Korea(89%), USA(5%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!zuk_no
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!98_Mohammadi حوالي54% من متابعيني يعيشون في ليبيا والسعوديه(29%),ايطاليا(12%)
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!tetunicois Mes followers vivent en: France(83%),États-Unis(4%),Royaume-Uni(2%)
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(67%),Japão(22%),EUA(11%) tweepsmap.com/!ProNerdJP
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Akcadia Mes followers vivent en: France(78%),Canada(9%),Cameroun(4%)
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(96%),Reino Unido(4%),Anápolis(15%) tweepsmap.com/!DnTxCarlos
@ My followers are in Saudi Arabia(46%), Egypt(11%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!NanyMedia
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(54%),EUA(19%),Arábia Saudita(7%) tweepsmap.com/!imobilIus
@ My followers live in 29 countries: USA(39%), Israel(19%)... tweepsmap.com/!shimonzk Get your free map!
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(92%),EUA(3%),França(1%) tweepsmap.com/!viciosoph
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(69%),EUA(15%),Reino Unido(2%) tweepsmap.com/!sivantoside
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(91%),EUA(3%),Paraguai(1%) tweepsmap.com/!opsluanphia
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(73%),EUA(14%),Reino Unido(1%) tweepsmap.com/!camila_cabrita
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!mahasam_ حوالي100% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه وEastern Province(23%),Dammam(23%)
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(69%),EUA(14%),Reino Unido(2%) tweepsmap.com/!arkticmkeys
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!twintair737 Mes followers vivent en: France(40%),États-Unis(16%),Royaume-Uni(10%)
@ My followers are in Saudi Arabia(68%), USA(17%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!HaithamZahrani
@ My followers live in 24 countries: USA(80%), Canada(5%)... tweepsmap.com/!llKarishma Get your free map!
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(82%),EUA(14%),Turquia(5%) tweepsmap.com/!GilbertoCamilo9
@ My followers live in Venezuela (75%), Spain(6%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!jorgecarrera77
@ My followers live in UK. (52%), USA(24%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!flopsy2801
@ My followers live in India (93%), Russia(7%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!sanjaydixitagra
@ My followers live in UK. (28%), USA(25%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!x_anaconda
@ My followers live in USA (32%), South Korea(18%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!ilsangang
@ My followers live in Egypt (48%), Saudi Arabia(24%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!ABDOYASMEN18
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!FRANCKFRANCE03 Mes followers vivent en: États-Unis(17%),France(16%),Royaume-Uni(11%)
@ Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(100%),Salta(12%),Salta(12%) y más tweepsmap.com/!VerzideHCF
@ My followers live in 4 countries: USA(45%), UK.(18%)... tweepsmap.com/!SHPhil29 Get your free map!
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(80%),Japão(12%),Argentina(3%) tweepsmap.com/!I_am_Reny
@ My followers are in USA(74%), UK.(5%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!elanbinn
@ My followers are in Russia(55%), Ukraine(14%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!BetfairClub
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(88%),EUA(7%),Reino Unido(1%) tweepsmap.com/!lucsalles
@ Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(44%),Estados Unidos(21%),Bolivia(10%) y más tweepsmap.com/!AgenteNaziNS
@ My followers live in USA (88%), Canada(3%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!runningrampant
@ Mis seguidores viven en Arabia Saudita(33%),Estados Unidos(14%),India(8%) y más tweepsmap.com/!JesusDaly3
@ My followers are in USA(74%), UK.(8%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!Gbans2T
@ My followers live in USA (56%), UK.(20%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!Vagabond_2017
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(59%),México(13%),Venezuela(5%) y más tweepsmap.com/!DrAdrianBarrera
@ My followers are in USA(44%), Egypt(33%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!mhmdmhmd1990
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!sa_6102 حوالي65% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والكويت(6%),مصر(4%)
@ My followers live in Bahrain (55%), Brazil(15%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!younis_alrabeea
@ My followers are in USA(90%), UK.(3%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!MaxDevlin
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(62%),Reino Unido(21%),Coréia do Sul(9%) tweepsmap.com/!Emilyribeiro200
@ My followers live in Sweden (92%), USA(3%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!FiaBlomqvist
@ My followers live in 64 countries: UK.(34%), USA(31%)... tweepsmap.com/!CAZZASSTUCKONU Get your free map!
@ My followers live in 23 countries: UK.(45%), USA(36%)... tweepsmap.com/!dartford09 Get your free map!
@ Mis seguidores viven en Estados Unidos(32%),España(16%),UK.(11%) y más tweepsmap.com/!VuelaViajaVive
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!ayolofi حوالي72% من متابعيني يعيشون في اليمن والسعوديه(8%),العراق(4%)
@ My followers are in India(61%), USA(39%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!akshayvaidya24
@ Mis seguidores viven en México(65%),Brasil(7%),Estados Unidos(6%) y más tweepsmap.com/!AxxxelOjeda
@ My followers live in 4 countries: USA(42%), UK.(32%)... tweepsmap.com/!alanpowell_eu Get your free map!
@ My followers live in UK. (58%), USA(21%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!EHChalus
@ Mis seguidores viven en México(17%),España(14%),Argentina(13%) y más tweepsmap.com/!KaedeSan_
@ My followers are in Russia(45%), South Korea(22%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!IulyaL
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(73%),EUA(15%),Venezuela(1%) tweepsmap.com/!beychicken
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(73%),Estados Unidos(7%),Venezuela(7%) y más tweepsmap.com/!eaisamak
@ My followers are in India(44%), USA(20%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!krishalok
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!ALEX_2ST حوالي43% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه وتركيا(12%),بريطانيا(12%)
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(100%),Community of Madrid(100%),Madrid(100%) y más tweepsmap.com/!FavillaLeonardo
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!mms3691 حوالي98% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والعراق(2%),Al Qunfudhah(8%)
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!LibrairieMonet Mes followers vivent en: Canada(53%),France(35%),Belgique(2%)
@ Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(82%),Uruguay(4%),Chile(4%) y más tweepsmap.com/!joagena
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!ElshamTayer حوالي55% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والكويت(16%),عمان(14%)
@ My followers are in UK.(57%), USA(26%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!lukie57575757
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!mokld56789 حوالي59% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والامارات العربيه المتحده(15%),الولايات المتحده(7%)
@ Mis seguidores viven en Estados Unidos(40%),México(16%),UK.(9%) y más tweepsmap.com/!biguy15mx
@ Meus seguidores são de Portugal(69%),Brasil(15%),EUA(6%) tweepsmap.com/!nes_1904
@ My followers live in USA (16%), India(7%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!InfosecEmporium
@ My followers live in USA (35%), UK.(14%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!minecra82921151
@ My followers live in USA (57%), India(8%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!dmbourne
@ Mis seguidores viven en Estados Unidos(40%),Paraguay(20%),Perú(10%) y más tweepsmap.com/!machoespecial10
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(91%),Estados Unidos(3%),Venezuela(1%) y más tweepsmap.com/!LaudEstereo
@ Mis seguidores viven en Chile(95%),Argentina(1%),Estados Unidos(1%) y más tweepsmap.com/!ddeubiobio
@ Mis seguidores viven en Argentina(71%),España(11%),Venezuela(5%) y más tweepsmap.com/!marcosolsona
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!samyastn Mes followers vivent en: Tunisie(59%),France(22%),États-Unis(17%)
@ My followers live in Italy (86%), France(6%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!zannoni
@ My followers live in Thailand (81%), USA(8%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!babafirn153
@ Mis seguidores viven en Arabia Saudita(36%),Venezuela(17%),Estados Unidos(8%) y más tweepsmap.com/!M_Acosta_91
@ My followers live in USA (72%), UK.(7%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!lisbethwest
@ My followers live in USA (92%), UK.(2%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!Chuck_U_Farlee
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!holal1398 حوالي53% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والعراق(18%),الكويت(6%)
@ My followers are in Togo(46%), USA(15%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!Smartpeopletogo
@ My followers live in Spain (71%), UK.(5%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!Cinnogamer
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(45%),México(7%),Estados Unidos(7%) y más tweepsmap.com/!CantorGames
@ My followers live in 29 countries: Nigeria(80%), USA(7%)... tweepsmap.com/!ExxentrikAdonis Get your free map!
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(42%),España(19%),México(11%) y más tweepsmap.com/!gabydg65
@ My followers live in 110 countries: USA(78%), UK.(5%)... tweepsmap.com/!sccoastaldude Get your free map!
@ My followers are in Germany(25%), USA(17%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!JuliaPinkcom
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!obodah حوالي79% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والولايات المتحده(4%),موريتانيا(3%)
@ My followers live in USA (29%), India(26%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!luvpreet33
@ My followers live in USA (60%), UK.(13%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!poemblaze
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Dirlinstit Mes followers vivent en: France(82%),États-Unis(5%),Belgique(3%)
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Malineonline Mes followers vivent en: France(79%),États-Unis(7%),Japon(3%)
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(88%),EUA(5%),Portugal(1%) tweepsmap.com/!netoIioti
@ My followers live in USA (37%), UK.(15%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!JangoCoyote
@ My followers are in Italy(84%), USA(7%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!EVendramini
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!Doncamatixcx Mes followers vivent en: France(69%),États-Unis(11%),Belgique(3%)
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!RaghadR14786139 حوالي61% من متابعيني يعيشون في مصر والسعوديه(10%),عمان(4%)
@ My followers live in 38 countries: USA(70%), UK.(6%)... tweepsmap.com/!Magic_Stans Get your free map!
@ My followers are in USA(52%), UK.(21%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!jawarrenfeltz
@ My followers are in Brazil(88%), USA(6%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!sheeranluba
@ My followers live in 96 countries: USA(24%), Russia(14%)... tweepsmap.com/!hedgolfeastYuri Get your free map!
@ My followers live in India (62%), USA(22%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!mthakur121
@ My followers live in USA (48%), UK.(17%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!trs_germany_
@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(76%),EUA(9%),Reino Unido(2%) tweepsmap.com/!flickwrclifford
@ My followers live in 29 countries: Poland(55%), USA(22%)... tweepsmap.com/!lovemylightwood Get your free map!
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!Faroha_xd حوالي54% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والكويت(26%),الامارات العربيه المتحده(6%)
@ My followers live in USA (35%), UK.(19%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!CombinedForce_
@ Mis seguidores viven en Perú(48%),Venezuela(17%),España(9%) y más tweepsmap.com/!HANSMEJAGUERRER
@ Mis seguidores viven en Ecuador(85%),México(4%),Perú(3%) y más tweepsmap.com/!miofago
@ My followers live in 13 countries: Japan(97%), UK.(1%)... tweepsmap.com/!GreatJuanism Get your free map! どうした事だ、ラテン圏がほとんどいないな
@ My followers are in UK.(28%), Germany(13%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!Nooticus
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!hhh_3_3 حوالي73% من متابعيني يعيشون في السعوديه والكويت(9%),الامارات العربيه المتحده(4%)
@ My followers are in USA(91%), Canada(4%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!softguru2k
@ My followers are in Netherlands(80%), USA(5%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!smeerlingantiek
@ My followers live in 28 countries: USA(63%), UK.(16%)... tweepsmap.com/!TobiMineLP Get your free map!
@ My followers are in USA(75%), UK.(4%)... tweepsmap.com/!perfectsliders
@ Meus seguidores são de Portugal(93%),Brasil(2%),EUA(2%) tweepsmap.com/!O_Melas
@ My followers live in 45 countries: Saudi Arabia(75%), Kuwait(5%)... tweepsmap.com/!mukahhal1 Get your free map!
@ Mis seguidores viven en España(74%),México(5%),Estados Unidos(4%) y más tweepsmap.com/!Ric_Rod_Fra
@ My followers are in Egypt(37%), USA(16%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!a_bhgt
@ Selon tweepsmap.com/!EveLomina Mes followers vivent en: Mali(31%),Sénégal(19%),États-Unis(12%)
@ My followers are in Egypt(59%), UAE(14%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!eng100200
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@ Meus seguidores são de Brasil(90%),França(10%),São Paulo(7%) tweepsmap.com/!KanekiHGNoMercy
@ My followers are in USA(25%), Mexico(10%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!KennethWadeXXX
@ My followers are in UK.(83%), USA(10%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!Conscious_Comms
@ My followers live in USA (31%), India(26%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!iskramiakhalifa
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@ My followers live in India (41%), Pakistan(36%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!khan_Aijaz_
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@ My followers live in Kenya (56%), USA(14%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!DzeffKiptoo
@ My followers are in Colombia(94%), Spain(1%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!jerodribe
@ My followers are in Colombia(69%), USA(9%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!29project
@ My followers live in Colombia (13%), India(9%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!BcaVirtual
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(88%),Estados Unidos(4%),Argentina(2%) y más tweepsmap.com/!alejalthamar
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(78%),Estados Unidos(6%),Argentina(4%) y más tweepsmap.com/!SamirCorridori
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(93%),México(3%),Brasil(1%) y más tweepsmap.com/!JUL7ANCARR7LLO
@ My followers live in USA (40%), Colombia(39%)... Get your map: tweepsmap.com/!SeToGon
@ My followers are in USA(79%), Australia(4%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!eluminata
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(49%),España(13%),Venezuela(12%) y más tweepsmap.com/!MSRMAICOL
@ My followers are in Colombia(66%), USA(14%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!elkev1997
@ My followers are in USA(56%), UK.(19%)... Get your map too: tweepsmap.com/!ajameswriter
@ Mis seguidores viven en México(12%),Argentina(12%),Venezuela(12%) y más tweepsmap.com/!MaxiPartnerYT
@ Mis seguidores viven en México(74%),Estados Unidos(5%),Colombia(3%) y más tweepsmap.com/!chivita_69
@ Mis seguidores viven en Colombia(25%),España(22%),México(12%) y más tweepsmap.com/!JulianFGomezG
@ My followers live in USA (57%), Australia(17%)... Get your free map: tweepsmap.com/!naty_bee
@ Mis seguidores viven en Venezuela(69%),Perú(7%),España(6%) y más tweepsmap.com/!abordotodos
@ My followers live in 45 countries: USA(53%), Haiti(27%)... tweepsmap.com/!Hougansydney Get your free map!
@ My followers are in Iraq(72%), Egypt(9%) Get your free map tweepsmap.com/!ah199485
@ حسب tweepsmap.com/!ma_aljbli حوالي55% من متابعيني يعيشون في الكويت والسعوديه(33%),ايطاليا(2%)
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