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Publish & DM

An all-in-one logical workflow guides your engagement and publishing. Actionable analytics drives your publishing: understand the relevant topics by location, search and explore any keyword, measure the reach and impact of any tweet, find out the Best Times to Tweet. NOW you are ready to publish!

Direct Message Campaigns

  • Analytics driven, powerful interface for targeted Direct Message Campaigns
  • Automated: we take care of sending the personalized messages one by one
  • Sophisticated audience segmentation by location, occupation, gender, and more
  • View delivery stats of your campaign

Listen before you talk

  • Know what your followers are talking about now
  • Understand what your Twitter influencers are interested in
  • Proprietary algorithm focusing on influential followers and relevant locations

Twitter Engagement

  • Analyze how your business is doing on Twitter
  • See the Tweet activity and how the most engaged tweets travel in the world
  • See the top engagers and their demographics on your Twitter Engagement dashboard

Best Times to Tweet

  • Publish when your followers are paying attention
  • Proprietary algorithm calculates when your audience is active on Twitter
  • Weekly dynamic chart by day, hour - specific to your audience
  • Straightforward Best Times to Tweet interface

Tweet Scheduler

  • Powerful, flexible and automated Tweet Scheduler
  • Save time: post once, repeat automatically, edit if required
  • Schedule manually or based on your account's Best Times to Tweet
  • Build segmented content streams based on geography or content type

Community Analysis

Build and cultivate your fan base with our straightforward, easy to use community management tools with embedded analytics.

Know your followers

Segment Your Followers

  • Marketing 101: segment your Twitter followers
  • Apply a range of filters, including customer lists and keywords in BIO
  • Categorize audience in a custom or Twitter list, export to excel
  • Create DM campaigns from segments of your audience

Build your community

Analyze growth/decline

Reports and tools

  • One stop dashboard for your account stats: growth, charts and demographics
  • Email reports: new followers, unfollows and more
  • Analyze and map the people you follow
  • Create custom follower map widgets for your web site
  • Export the reports

Listen & Explore

Research any topic in the Twittersphere, current or historical, through a search of hashtags and key words. Set Alerts on whatever you care about, and get email notifications. Indeed, “knowledge is power”.

Explore hashtag / keywords

  • Search any word, hashtag, account, url or phrase
  • Research historical topics back to 2006
  • Create an interactive hashtag map and drill down for details
  • See other topics associated with your search
  • Set up multiple searches in parallel, view on an interactive map and compare results

Tweet Alerts

  • Track any topic in near real-time
  • Get email notifications right in your inbox
  • Set up multiple tweet alerts in parallel
  • Stay on top of your brand, competitors, and interests

Measure impact and reach

  • Measure tweet impact
  • Get the reach of a tweet, groups of tweets and re-tweets
  • Get unique reach and total impressions

Analyze anyone

Some are more important than others… For an effective campaign, optimized cost and best ROI - analyze the influencers, or get to know your competitors, partners and new business leads.

Analyze an account

Analyze Twitter list

  • Analyze Twitter list by location
  • Analyze the influence of Twitter lists
  • Measure their reach and audience breakdown