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Explore hashtags and keywords

Optimize your social media investment by identifying and analyzing the relevant topics to a city level. Get analytics on the topics and associated data – then run an effective campaign. Talk about what is relevant - by location - based on new insight gained from Tweepsmap.

Explore any word, hashtag, account, url or phrase. Tweepsmap analyzes:

  • Where is the Twitter conversation
  • Who is talking about your brand
  • Where was your post replied
  • Where are people engaging with you
  • Who are your most influential advocates

Hashtag/Keyword discovery report:

  • Tweet breakdown, including total, replies, and re-tweets
  • Estimated reach
  • Time of mentions
  • Interactive map of keywords, letting you drill down to a city level
  • Ability to engage directly with selected accounts (Standard anad Pro only)
  • Tweet transcript

Flexible options tailored to your search needs:

  • Free SAMPLE report includes analysis of up-to 100 tweets
  • STANDARD report includes analysis of up-to 18,000 tweets going back up-to 30 days – and is available free (**) to all our paid plans members. This class of reports shall be sufficient for most medium popular terms
  • For very popular terms, or if you are looking for historical searches, our comprehensive PRO report is available. You can research a topic for any period of time and any cluster of days, going back to 2006. This report is available our enterprise plan members only
Here you have it at a glance:

SAMPLE report STANDARD report PRO report
Tweets Up to 100 Up to 18,000 Customizable
Period Last 7 days Last 30 days Any day since 2006
Conversation Drill Down No Yes Yes
Fees Free $15 Customizable
Available to Tweepsmap paid plans members. Available to ENTERPRISE plan members
** Some conditions apply. Please see our plans.

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