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Direct Message Campaigns

This is where our powerful analytics is harnessed for precise segmentation and targeting of your audience. Instead of sending all your followers a generic message, zoom-in on a targeted sub-segment of your audience and send them the relevant message. You can segment your audience with a range of filters: location, gender, professions, your own customer list, or search for any keyword in their BIO. Now craft a relevant message to the followers you have selected by our powerful filters. This will increase your conversions and avoid complaints and unfollows. Schedule your campaigns, and we will automatically send the messages on your behalf. Here is how you can leverage our sophisticated Direct Message platform: say you are a musician or a band planning to tour certain cities – select your audience only in those cities and update them about your upcoming concert; offer them discounted tickets, or simply a link for a promotion and purchasing the tickets. Or if you are planning a product launch in say Chicago – our powerful filters will allow you to reach the journalists among your followers in Chicago.

Available to Tweepsmap paid plans members.

Twitter Direct Message Campaigns