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Plans for Everyone

Free Plan

Our FREE plan is available to all: individuals, multinational brands, or somewhere in between.

Sign-up and experience our unique location centric platform; you will be able to map your followers by country, state and city. Our Tweet Scheduler will streamline your publishing and save you time. Need to stay on top of your brand or any topic of interest? Our Tweet Alert will send you email notifications at a frequency you decide.

The FREE plan will also reveal who followed or unfollowed, what accounts are inactive, or what accounts are not following back; you can then take actions easily.

  • Intelligent Publishing
  • Schedule Tweets - up to 10
  • Community Analysis
  • Map followers by country, state or city
  • Track new followers/un-followers - Weekly
  • Weekly update report
  • Community Building
  • Grow your community
  • Unfollow inactive accounts - up to 50
  • Unfollow accounts not following back - up to 50
  • Listen & Explore
  • 3 Sample hashtag reports / week
  • 1 Tweet Alert - up to 100 tweets/day

Premium PLANs

This is where you will enjoy our comprehensive engagement, analytics and listening platform.

Our paid plans are largely identical in features; prices differ mostly by the size of your account, and by some functions (e.g. influencer analysis, listening). Our ENTERPRISE plan is fully customizable; includes comprehensive influencer analysis, a spectrum of exploration and listening, extensive training/support and more. All prices are in USD.

$9/mo $19/mo $39/mo $99/mo Customizable
$8.1/mo $17.1/mo $35.1/mo $89.1/mo
Your followers Up to 8,000 Up to 20,000 Up to 50,000 Up to 100,000 Customizable
Number of accounts 1 Up to 3 * Up to 4 * Up to 5 * Customizable
Publish & DM
What followers are talking about NOW
NEW! Twitter Engagement
Best Times to Tweet
Tweet Scheduler Up to 50 Up to 200 Up to 500 Up to 2,000 Customizable
Direct Message Campaigns Up to 100 Up to 500 Up to 3,000 Up to 10,000 Customizable
Community Analysis
Map followers by country, state or city
Analyze followers growth/decline
Indentify Influential followers
Demographics: languages, gender, professions
Track new followers/un-followers - Daily
Track Campaigns
Community Building
Grow your community
Unfollow inactive accounts
Unfollow accounts not following back
Map people you follow
Create website widgets
Analyze anyone
Analyze any account (influencers, partners, competitors, etc) $2.0/1K Followers 10K included
25K included
100K included
Analyze Twitter list
Listen & Explore
Hashtag Map and Analysis Reports Hashtag Map pricing applies 1 STANDARD report included 3 STANDARD reports included 5 STANDARD reports included Customizable
Historical Hashtag Map and Analysis Reports
Listen going forward
Tweet reach and impact
Tweet Alerts 1 Alert
Hourly emails
100 tweets/hour
2 Alerts
Hourly emails
70K tweets/hour
3 Alerts
Hourly emails
70K tweets/hour
5 Alerts
Hourly emails
70K tweets/hour
Export your analysis
Customer Support email email email email & phone Training, email & phone, 24/7
Our "SMALL letters":
  1. Fair. Prices start at a low price and scale based on the size of your social network; most plans also include analyzing any other account
  2. Guaranteed. Regardless of your followers growth, no price change for 2 years. After that, we will inform you prior to any price change (if any)
  3. Flexible. Regardless of the number of followers, you can sign up to a higher plan and get the extra features
  4. Easy & Predictable. Minimum subscription is one month; many payment options. You know the price before signing up (Check it out)
  5. Custom. Enterprise plans may be customized to your needs. Please Contact Us
You got it…: Our prices are straightforward and transparent; no gotchas, no surprises!