Is showing up on time at work every day enough to advance us in our careers?

Of course not, while having excellent attendance is certainly commendable, it’s not enough. In fact, it’s good to point out that you should be at work every day on time, no less, to begin with. But most importantly, you need to be an asset to the team and the organization.

So what does every boss look for in the employees that they consider for promotions? We’ve identified 5 behaviors that impress management:

1. Bring big Ideas to the table and Take Ownership of them


Creativity and initiative – managers love these qualities. If you can find solutions to problems in the office, don’t hesitate to bring them forward. The worst that can happen is that your suggestions are dismissed. However, consider the possibility that they may run with your idea.

Better yet take an ownership of the idea and try to execute and make it happen. This is the big difference between just dreaming big ideas and actually rallying the team and getting them done.

2. Don’t Try to Achieve Success at the Expense of Others


It’s natural for colleagues to feel competitive. However, it is one thing to engage in healthy competition, and another for you drag someone down on your way up.

You can be supportive of your colleagues and also take care of your own aspirations. Remember that a good boss will be impressed that you are helpful towards your colleagues. It proves that you are a team player and more importantly, confident in your abilities. In-fact there is a body of research there that helping others (or Givers as they are sometimes refer to) end up being more successful.

3. Communicate Your Progress through Goal-Oriented Reports


It’s a shame when our efforts go unnoticed. And the truth is, most bosses are far too busy to regularly check on their employees and also will do so when something has gone wrong.

That’s why it’s important for you to measure your results and report them to your supervisor when necessary. However, don’t just focus on the tasks that you’re meant to do every day and on your to-do list; include ROI and anything else that you’ve done to affect the company’s bottom line positively.

4. Be Adaptable to Industry and Company Changes


Change is inevitable. And one thing bosses appreciate are employees who don’t gripe about changes. Many employees dread change because it means having to learn something new like navigating their way around new technology or adopting new processes.

Your boss will be happy to see that you can go with the flow and that you support the changes made by management. It also shows that you are forward-thinking and can see the company as a whole and beyond the department that you are currently in.

5. Welcome Constructive Criticism


Only employees who chronically underperform dread receiving feedback. The same is to be said about employees who have no interest in advancing.

This is why bosses who are approached by their people asking for feedback (fully prepared that it may be negative) are recognized as employees who value their jobs and want to improve.

Constructive criticism is often hard to swallow. Therefore, welcoming it shows your good character and willingness to take the punches so that you may learn from them and develop your skills.

A bonus tip for you to impress your boss and get you promoted would be to keep a good attitude… and the best measure of a healthy attitude is a nice smile. Keep this in mind (and smile), and you’ll find that success is closer than you think when you approach work with positivity.

Posted on: July 10, 2017 | Author: Jason
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