Strong Social wanted to generate high value leads by effectively reaching out their large audience of over 100,000 followers through targeted and relevant Direct Message Campaigns.


About Strong Social

Strong Social is a full-service social media management agency offering clients social media services to help them grow their following and promote their business online.

Strong Social started four years ago to help businesses implement social media strategies that are proven to generate more B2B leads, website traffic, and qualified – targeted followers. They have developed programs that can handle the needs of almost any size company in any industry and globally. Strong Social is offering its services in a number of languages.


How They Did It

Strong Social used the Tweepsmap DM tool to reach out to their audience of over 100,000 followers in a conversational and targeted fashion with campaigns and offers that are specific to the diverse industries and businesses they target.

Strong Social harnessed Tweepsmap’s powerful analytics for precise segmentation and targeting of Strong Social’s audience. Instead of sending their followers a generic message, they zoomed in on a targeted sub-segment and sent specific, relevant messages – increasing engagement and response conversions. The Strong Social audience was segmented with a range of filters: location, gender, profession, and their own customer list.

They carefully crafted a personalized message that was used to promote their social media services for the start of 2017.

Through Tweepsmap’s easy set-up process, multiple campaigns were sent automatically by the system as per the defined schedule. Editing the campaign as needed to keep the messaging relevant was also possible. Strong Social was able to manage each campaign separately and converse with their audience in a folder/inbox style.

The Tweepsmap DM platform was used to send messages to approximately 250 people per day.

Strong Social received responses to their messages from 10 to 15 people per day asking for more information on their services.

Between January 1st and March 31st, Strong Social was able to bring on a total of 46 new clients thanks to the Direct Message feature in Tweepsmap’s Twitter Tool. The tool was used to get an initial conversation started followed up by their sales team responding to info requests and sending the relevant info they required. This led to phone calls and then ultimately the closed sales during the campaign period.

The direct message function on Twitter combined with the segmented and intelligence messaging capabilities on Tweepsmap has been highly successful for Strong Social on an ongoing basis. – Jason Gordon, the Founder & CEO of Strong Social says that they currently get over 80% of all their new clients from Twitter Direct Messages. It’s is far more effective for them than any other social media network to date.

Posted on: May 18, 2017 | Author: Jason

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