Twitter is an excellent channel to drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. Leveraging Twitter ads is an easy way to get your Tweets in front of a larger audience beyond those who already follow you.

The following is the process to help you decide between the types of Twitter ads based on your business goals and set up your Twitter ad campaign.


Types of Twitter Ads for Business

There are three different types of Twitter ads:  Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.


Promoted Tweets

A Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Your Business 1

Promoted Tweets are regular Tweets that advertisers purchase when they want to reach a wider group of users who aren’t already following them on Twitter. Essentially the advertiser pays to have Tweets displayed to people who are not already following them.


Promoted Accounts

A Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Your Business 2

Promoted Accounts get your account in front users to gain more followers; Twitter uses an algorithm to determine the likelihood that a user will find the Promoted Account interesting enough to follow. Promoted Accounts are displayed across multiple locations including Home Timelines, Who To Follow, and search results.


Promoted Trends

A Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Your Business 3

Promoted Trends will boost the conversation around your brand by appearing within Twitter user’s timelines for a specific period of time. They are trending topics, and with Promoted Trends, you can promote your hashtag to appear at the top of that list.


Types of Twitter Ad Campaigns

Twitter Ad Campaigns were designed to add business value and to help advertisers achieve business goals such as increasing website traffic or promoting brand awareness. Twitter has a number of ad products helping you to meet your specific objectives. Following are the different types of Twitter Ad Campaigns:


Increase Website Traffic

You can bring more people to your website from Twitter by using an ad format called a Website Card that allows users to preview an image, related context, and a call-to-action. A Website Card will grow site traffic, increase online purchases, and drive specific actions.


Growth in Followers

You can accelerate follower growth by setting up a Followers campaign with Twitter Ads that will promote your Twitter account to both desktop and mobile users on the Who to Follow panel and their Home timelines.


Raise Brand Awareness

The objective of Awareness campaigns is geared towards reaching a large number of unique users. This method helps advertisers to better maximize campaign reach. Advertisers pay here for impressions (CPM).


Increased Engagement

Your goal with Tweet engagement campaigns is to extend the reach of your content to an audience that is relevant and are targeted with the objective to initiate conversations surrounding your brand. Here you pay for the first engagement only. To be clear, you do not pay for impressions that did not result in engagement.


Advertising on Twitter

Setting up a Twitter campaign ad is fairly straightforward; Twitter has a nice interface to do this. Regardless, here is the step-by-step process to creating your Twitter ad campaign and running it:



1. Set Up Your Campaign

On the left side of the Twitter Ads Manager page, you will find a list of campaign objectives. Choose the objective based on the business goal you wish to achieve. Clicking Create Campaign will take you to the Twitter ad campaign screen where you choose the name, schedule, and other options.



2. Choose Your Audience

This is probably the most important step, as you essentially defining your target audience. You can opt to upload your own list. Tweepsmap’s powerful analytics allows precise segmentation of your audience. You can segment your audience with a range of filters: location, gender, professions, your own customer list, or search for any keyword in their BIO. You can then export the data to Excel, categorize them in a list to be used for your Twitter ad campaign. Of course you can augment the list with additional parameters provide by Twitter.



3. Set Your Budget

To control your Twitter ad campaign cost, set daily maximum and total campaign budget. You can pay by impression or engagement. Twitter will also provide suggested bids.



4. Create Your Tweet

You can either create a new Tweet for your campaign or choose from a list of your existing Tweets. If you prefer to create a new Tweet, click on the eye icon to select delivery type – standard or promoted-only (which will promote it through your Twitter ads campaign).

Remember that because your goal is to target people who are not yet following you, you should use an image or copy in your Tweet that represents your brand well so that you may attract them to click, follow, or engage with you. Tweak the ads based on your different goals with specific offers, ideas, and creatives. Lastly, don’t forget to include a clear call to action; research has proven that simple asks make it much more likely that your audience will take an action.

Posted on: March 20, 2017 | Author: Jason

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