Regardless of which industry you are in and what business, you want to be taken seriously by your clients, your circle, and your community. You want to be respected as an expert in your field and have a strong online presence for your brand.

But how do influencers reach that status as someone that people trust and rely on for the most up-to-date and relevant information? How do you build your community on social media platforms such as Twitter so that others may benefit from your brand’s contribution to the industry? Here’s how:


Identify the Best #Hashtag for Your Industry

This is a critical first step to building your Twitter community as the right hashtag has the power to gain the attention of the right people. The right hashtag in content you are sharing will invite people who are interested in your topic. Consistently posting relevant content with the right hashtag will get you the right attention and most importantly, engagement that you seek.

Don’t make the mistake of associating a popular hashtag to a piece of content it is not connected to. That’s when your tweets will start to suffer poor engagement as your followers will start to lose trust in your tweets and may stop consuming your content.


Recognize What People in Your Industry Enjoy Reading

Beyond the right hashtag is identifying what your community likes to read. What content are they consuming? What are their interests? Check out the competition in your industry to understand what people engage in the most. Which of their posts is getting the most attention? What hashtags are they using?

Navigate Twitter and search popular industry hashtags. The social media tool, Tweepsmap, will give you insight on what interest your audience allowing you build brand affinity by engaging your audience on the most relevant topics.


Build an Engaged Community

The goal of consistently sharing relevant content for your audience is to build a community of engaged followers. To become a true influencer, you want to build a loyal and meaningful Twitter community. With the Tweepsmap community build tool, you can smartly follow accounts that meet your criteria and increase your chances of being followed back. You can search accounts by their profile description, what they tweet about, and even location. Once you have built your desired community, you are 50% there… now you can engage them through useful content, targeted DM and continue to flourish relationship.


Find or Create and Share Valuable Content

There’s plenty of valuable content out there you can share. Alternatively, you can create your own content that will really distinguish you as a thought leader in your field. Understand that it takes time to curate valuable content. In order to be recognized as an influencer in your field, you’ll need to do the research. Be sure that you actually read the content you are sharing so you know that is appropriate and worthwhile.

Creating your own content by writing your own blogs will also require time and effort. However, it is well worth it as you build a positive and reliable brand name. The good news is that while finding or creating content may require time, sharing the content is much simpler.

With a Tweet Scheduler, you can build a whole content calendar, automate your tweet/retweet postings and increase engagement while saving tons of time.

Don’t assume that the title of influencer is only reserved for successful entrepreneurs or celebrities. Engage your Twitter followers consistently with thoughtful, valuable, and relevant content, and you can become an influencer too. Seek inspiration from existing influencers through influencer analysis, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next influencer in your industry.

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