How will you ever know if you’ve reached social media marketing success if you haven’t set goals for you to attain? And what is the point of setting these goals if you don’t have the data that proves you’ve achieved them?

Setting social media goals is crucial to your success and extracting the metrics that measure your progress is just as important. Here are six social media goals every marketer should set for their businesses:


  1. Increase brand awareness

The top reason why marketers use social media is to raise their brand awareness. With the average person spending almost two hours a day on social media, it is the platform with the biggest consumer audience.

Social media platforms such as Twitter enable marketers to have a quantitative understanding of the extent of their brand presence and their global reach. And there are social media tools that will collect data and analyze these numbers for you.

Metrics to measure your brand awareness include follower count, how many people you reach daily, weekly, monthly, mentions, shares, and retweets.

Social media tools, such as Tweepsmap, helps you track your Twitter growth or decline by monitoring your Twitter follower growth and maps out your projected momentum and follower history.


  1. Drive more traffic to your website

More traffic to your website means the potential of more customers. Marketers utilize different social media platforms to distribute their content thus driving more traffic to their sites.

Metrics to measure traffic include how many visitors are originating from your social media channels, how much of your overall traffic come from social media, bounce rate, and clicks.

Measure your tweet impact to understand the reach of your tweets, group of tweets, and retweets to get your unique and total impressions.


  1. Generate new leads

There is a broad definition of a lead, but it generally means that a person has provided you with some information such as their name, email address which will allow you to reach them through other marketing strategies such as email campaigns.

A way to track your social media lead generation is through Google Analytics reports. Once you have set up a conversion goal, you can view reports to determine the success of your lead generation efforts.


  1. Boost brand engagement

Social media interactions have proven to significantly improve brand perception, increase loyalty which leads to recommendations by word-of-mouth.

Metrics to measure engagement include likes, share, comments, retweets, mentions, and replies. Tweepsmap will help you track engagement and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and engagements. Find out which of your tweets got the most retweets to know which of your content is gaining the most attention. This way, you will know what your followers find most interesting, pushing you to post similar content.


  1. Build a community around your business

Many marketers will agree that an engaged community, however small, is better than a large following with minimal interaction. When you are community building, you want to reach out to those who are the most involved in your brand. Grow your followers based interests and location.

Track your community building efforts by identifying top and influential followers. Know who has unfollowed you or who is not following you back.


  1. Optimized social listening

Because social media has become the venue for consumers to share their opinions or vent out their frustrations, marketers know the value of actively listening for any mention of their brand so that they can address any issues surrounding it. And if it is good feedback, it is the chance for your brand to share the good news with the rest of your followers.

Measure your social listening efforts through customer conversations, your ability to respond to mentions, and how your social listening has influenced your marketing strategies, product development, and content.

Tweepsmap knows the importance of listening and exploring. Providing you with comprehensive analysis reports and Alerts that you set up on keywords and hashtags, Tweepsmap will help you recognize how effective your campaigns are and what needs improvement.

Posted on: February 13, 2017 | Author: Jason

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