Social media has long proven that it is an effective marketing tool as there is a wealth of information that can be found in the conversations that take place on these platforms. The fact remains that if businesses want to reach and understand their market base, they need to go where the majority of their customers socialize.

Social Media platforms are where people can speak freely and share their thoughts about any topic, including brands and products. The ever-growing population of the social media allows businesses to look at consumer demands and gauge how well their competitors are doing.

As a business owner, utilizing social media analytics to gain insight on how well your marketing strategies and even the health of your brand is your best defense to remain competitive in your industry. Here’s how:

Manage your online reputation


Your brand or online reputation matters because whether you like it or not, how you are perceived on the internet can significantly damage your business.

These days, people post just about anything on social media; from their current mood, what they ate for breakfast, and even their dissatisfaction over a product they have just purchased.

The customer is always right, they say. Staying active on social media will allow you see how your audience perceives you. Take control of how your audience identifies your brand by listening to what others have to say about your services and products. Gain insight on whether your marketing campaigns are successful. Make adjustments when necessary and improvements to your product or service. Steer the public’s perception of your brand towards a positive one by knowing if there is anything negative being said about you.

Show your audience that you are not listening but that you care about your opinion. Be thankful for both positive and negative feedback as they both help your brand grow. One reinforces your efforts while the other will signify that you need to make improvements to either your product or service.

Conduct industry research


With Twitter being one of the biggest platforms for social media users to express their thoughts and experiences with products and services, there is a great opportunity for your company to gain insight into what your audience is saying about your brand while also studying what other people are saying about your competitors.

With Tweepsmap, you have the ability to explore hashtags and keywords allowing you to know who is talking about your brand, where people are engaging with you most, and who your most influential advocates are. You can also set Alerts on key words and get notifications right in your Inbox; you will truly have your finger on the pulse. Furthermore, knowing what is being said on Twitter allows you to post the relevant tweets for emerging trends.

Know your audience


It may take many more surveys, customer analysis, and research to determine if social media has a direct impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers. Did social media really convince them to buy a product they had no intention of purchasing in the first place? Or were they in the market and turned to social media for reassurance?

Whatever the answer, the bottom line is that your consumers can be found engaging on social media. And that is where they will most likely be talking about your brand. Social media is the venue for you to understand your audience so that you may optimize your content and adjust your market strategies.

Posted on: January 17, 2017 | Author: Jason

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